Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TEX ROBERTSON ~ May His Zeal For Life Live On

Tex Robertson 1909-2007 ~ passed away yesterday. I just got word of his passing late this afternoon. I am awestruck by the outpouring of love to Tex and his family that he has left behind. The man has touched millions of lives and made them smile. I am thankful that his passing happened after all of the camp terms were complete ~ what a blessing. There is a memorial service for Tex being held at Camp Longhorn this Saturday afternoon ~ if I didn't live so far away I would be there in a heartbeat. The gathering will be of thousands ~ I am sure ~ for just the population of campers, counselors and alumni alone could fill up Inks Lake Camp.

I posted earlier in the year a post about Camp Longhorn ~ without camp I would be a completely different person ~ seriously. Tex Robertson set the tone for camp more than 65 years ago (1939)~ celebrate life ~ today is a great day and I feel great! ~ life is punny ~ a positive attitude is contagious ~ friends made at camp are friends for life ~ make the best of every situation life throws you ~ Camp Longhorn is a timeless place ~ a place where everybody is somebody ~ a place I call home.

Tex has given so much of himself to the campers and counselors at CLH ~ he knew each and every one of us by name. I will remember him forever ~ especially the time he came to campfire as Dr. Schwartz ~ he drove the station wagon right into the campfire stage ~ then proceeded to get bitten several times by the snakes he was handling ~ he was bleeding all over the place but didn't even notice because he was having so much fun. Tex, may your joy and zeal for life carry on in those whose lives you touched. We will miss you ~

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Associated Press quoted Governor Rick Perry as saying: "Tex Robertson was a Texas original whose personal integrity and commitment to children touched countless lives. His legacy will live on in the hearts of thousands of campers and counsellors who were forever impacted by their time at Camp Longhorn."

"... making friends for the world to see...if your friends are there everything is all right.."

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Sar said...

Yep, Lace, you made me cry. What a wonderful sentiment. You just know that God greeted Tex with a big "Attawaytogo!"