Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brain In Training

I have been given pretty strict orders from my neuro surgeon to hang up my running shoes ~ but of course, anyone who knows me knows that it's not a good idea to tell me that I can't do something. So I have listened to my docs advice ~ OK ~ I hear you ~ put aside any dreams of competing in a marathon or triathlon any time soon ~ I can do that. But cease running altogether ~ seriously ~ not gonna happen.

I have felt pretty wrotten this week ~ most of the time I have felt much like a drunk sailor with a killer headache on rough seas ~ it's not a pretty picture! The turkeys have really getting me down ~ so when I had a small burst of energy tonight, I thought I would try out my sea legs on land and try to squeak out a run. I haven't been running in a couple of weeks and the last time I could only muster a mere mile at a snails pace.

Tonight, I set my iPod to my favorite running mix ~ cue the Training Montage from Rocky IV ~ and started out on my run. For the moment, I felt happy that my body wasn't completely failing me. Just a year ago I could occasionally run 6 miles ~ today, I would settle for a slow 5K. Having a positive attitude and pushing myself beyond my limits has always been an internal mantra for me. I'm no Wonderwoman ~ but pushing through the pain and fatigue gives me great strength. I need to give my brain more growth opportunities so that it remembers how to be a survivor. I will need those skills finely tuned so that my recovery from surgery is speedy.

Tomorrow ~ I will probably pay for shaking my brain up and down for half an hour ~ but the training exercise was necessary and a little bit of my sanity is once more restored.

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Puglet said...

It's always been hard for me when it sinks in that I AM limited. like PT this week. It's one thing to know something, it's another to KNOW it