Thursday, August 16, 2007

Officially Spooked

It takes a lot to spook me lately ~ I am facing brain surgery ~ what could be more scarier than that, you ask? Well ~ something really bizarre happened on my way home yesterday. I drive the ever so environmentally friendly Prius ~ I get roughly 50 miles to the gallon, I have had no complaints in the past 3.5 years (unless you count the obnoxiously loud beeping noise that would come on when in reverse ~ had it de-activated a while back).

Back to the weirdness ~ I was listening to a CD and all of the sudden there was no more sound coming out of the speakers. This happened right in the middle of a song. So I pushed the power button for the sound system ~ nothing. I pushed the climate control and although my AC was on and blowing out the vents, the console said that my AC was disconnected. Then, the music comes back on and the console says that the power is off. Since my car is a hybrid and there are a lot of high tech electrical things going on ~ it gave me cause for concern. I am a little annoyed that I will have to take it into the dealership for diagnostic testing ~ but this isn't what freaked me out.

Today, I do some research on line ~ type in Prius and electrical problems and I find this article. The title read ~Prius Battery Accessory for EMF Problem ~ does anyone else sense some red flags here??? I do some more searching and it appears that the battery emits unsafe levels of EMF ~ nice. I go on to read that people who have corrective brain surgery for Chiari Malformations sometimes have shunts inserted in their heads to regulate spinal fluid flow. Stay with me ~ I do have a point. There are magnets inside these shunts and they interfere with electromagnetic fields. So ~ if I did get one of these neat shunts, then drove around in my hybrid car, there would be the possibility of death.

It's all becoming clear to me ~ why it's taking so long to have the surgeries scheduled ~ more research to be done ~ it's not time yet ~ but HOLY HEAT!!! SERIOUSLY ~ can this really be true????


Anonymous said...

No wonder hawk and owl have been appearing..."heighten awareness...incoming message...stay attention." So you are. Somebody loves you. You are not alone...birds, animals and little green men? Maybe even the great I AM. Of course it's true. And now you know.

Puglet said...

I could be a case of too much info? This would be why I don't google things too much. But that is really bizarre.

Good news..? Shunts aren't usually used unless there is a syrinx, and even then, not so much. Most docs are of the hinking that shunts do more harm than good in more "straightforward" chiari cases. I know even with a syrinx, my doc was not in favor of using one. Even without strange batteries, they have a tendency to fail and have to be revised. All good questions to harass the docs with, IF you ever get to see them :(