Friday, August 17, 2007

My Brain Is 2 Big 4 MyHead

I recently bought a t-shirt to help raise Chiari awareness. Needless to say, I am getting all kinds of reactions. Most people laugh ~ how clever, they say. But, seriously, who wears something like that? A bragging brainiac? A nerdlette? I am thinking that maybe I should put on the back "TRUE STORY!"

I wish it was a laughing matter ~ my brain is 2 big 4 my head so I get to have surgery to make more room for it ~ let's call it brain renovation ~ awesome ~ can't wait... I am hoping that despite my twisted humor I will do my part to help educate the general public on Chiari Malformations. Education is half the battle. Thousands of people are walking around out there who have unexplained dizziness, brain fog, headaches and all kinds of other symptoms. My hope is that I will shine the light for someone who has been searching for years for a diagnosis.


FutureFoodTVStar said...

Ever since I was diagnosed, 2 years and 7 days ago... that is exactly what my grandfather has been saying to me.

You are just so smart your skull can't hold all of your brain. Hmm.. Ok.

I love your tshirt! Where did you find it? I want one!

BillyBob said...

I love your blog, Lace.

Puglet said...

See, they gave me so much room, I am now getting in all sorts of trouble.

Double edged sword, Lace ;)

Seriously. I am getting in ALL KINDS of mischief.

lzwitty said...

You're right, educating others is SO important. Here's an idea you might want to try...I don't know how big a town you live in (mine is approx. 55,000) but even if your town is huge, it's worth trying. I emailed our city paper and told them of my long road to a diagnosis, CMs, my tethered cord surgery and my upcoming brain surgery. They said they'd like to do a feature story when I get back from my decompression surgery! I'm a little anxious about it (of course) but I figure it's worth doing just to help get word out. I'll post a copy or link to the story once it's ready. I might send a few "anonymous" copies to some of my former doctors who told me I was "normal," too! :)

Queli said...

I usually blame my masters degree. I say, if only I stopped with the bs I wouldn't have to have surgery.
I am glad your shirt is a conversation starter. That means more people will hear about ACM :) Then perhaps a few years down the road, some new Chiarian won't be waiting for his/her doc to finish thumbing through medical books to look it up!