Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Barometric Pressure Headaches ~ still

They say it takes about a year to be healed from a brain decompression and here I am thinking I feel pretty good so I must be healed already ~ until I get whacked with the stealth barometric headaches again. My surgical report did state that I had absolutely no flow at all in my 4th ventricle prior to surgery. The decompression restored the flow to that of the 'jet stream', but I wonder how much time I must wait until the pressure headaches are gone. Maybe I will always be plagued by them due to too much damage from 38 years of ventricle squashing in my brain?!

I was reading up on what causes these pressure headaches. I must fall into the category of 'weather sensitive' individuals. There is a feature on where you put in your zip code and it will tell you on a scale of 1-10 what the Aches and Pains index will be for the area where you live. They are predicting a 6 for today and a 7 for next Monday. This might be a good idea to keep track of when planning activities for the week ~ to not expect much when the numbers creep above 5. But then again, I usually can tell at least 24 hours before the pressure is coming.

Maybe those ancient memories ingrained in my DNA about sailing across the ocean serve me well. I would have been be very handy on a ship since I can tell if there's bad weather coming ~ sigh. Now where's my Excedrine Migraine medicine?!!