Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Brain Tail Rocks

So ~ there I was ~ soaking up the sun on the beach. The endless thundering motion of the ocean was helping me to untangle the thoughts in my head. The fact that I was officially on vacation was beginning to sink in ~ I've only got a week to relax so hurry up and start unwinding already!

One of my favorite things to do while spending time on a beach is to go for a long walk ~ ALONE. So, the first chance I got ~ I was off for a long, thought provoking walk down the beach. I walked down where there were no umbrellas, kids playing in the surf with boogie board, beach blankets and no people ~ just me, sand, waves and rocks. Now ~ spending my childhood summers on beaches off the Gulf of Mexico was a much different experience than this beach on Cape Cod ~ WAY DIFFERENT ~ but a good different. The main difference, besides the water temps ~ was that on Texas beaches, there are shells strewn all along the coastline. Cape Cod beaches on the Atlantic side have rocks ~ weird phenomenon ~ took me three years to get used to it ~ but the rocks are amazing.

I used to collect rocks from Texas rivers ~ I was attracted to their smooth, round shape. Knowing that the rocks endured years of weathering in the cold rivers was facinating. Where did the rocks start out? How far up stream? What did it look like when it fell into the water? The rocks on the Cape tell a simiar story. They have spent years tossing around in the ocean being battered and blasted by the waves and time. Their journey has been long.

Anyway ~ when I go on a thought provoking walk, my only objective is to let my mind relax and pick up objects that 'speak to me'. Don't worry ~ first I hear voices and now rocks are talking to me ~ holy heat! ~ I'm really losing her mind now!!! SERIOUSLY ~ you have got to know what I am rambling about ~ it's happened to you on a walk ~ right? If not ~ you have got to try it some time!

Rocks ~ speaking to me ~ back on track ~ my point ~ I do have one ~ let me get to it ~
On this one particular walk, I picked up several rocks that spoke to me ~ that's them at the top of the page. I call them my 'brain tail rock collection'. Just look at them ~ they look like my brain tail ~ every one of them! If you turn your head to the right, it even looks like my spinal cord ~ freaky ~ I know it's weird ~ just thought it was humorous that of all the rocks out there ~ these are the ones that I hand picked!

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Puglet said...

Thats awesome! Now find a round one and stick it between the others and you'll have a spinal bubble of doom, too!