Thursday, August 30, 2007

Compassionate Letter

Names have been erased to protect the innocent (you can click on the letter to zoom) ~ but I just had to share the letter by 2nd opinion neurosurgeon ~ what a compassionate man! I submitted my all important two letters of recommendation for surgeries at TCI today ~ now I have to wait and see what the medical director decides ~ it's out of my hands for today.

I am overwhelmed by the letter my Dr. has written for me ~ it oozes with compassion, he cares and wants the best care for me ASAP if not sooner.


Linda said...

I think that is wonderful your doctor wrote this letter for you!!! Praying hard your path leads to TCI.

E said...

God Bless him!

BillyBob said...

I am so mad you have to put up this much stink to get treated. I fume. I guess Sharon was very fortunate in retrospect. I never thought about that particular fight ever rearing it's ugly head. BUT- I am so glad you have the letter, now we pray and leave it up to God.

Queli said...

girl, we are on the same path lately, huh?
Damn system!!!
Next time beware of the afgo, and just walk around it. There can only be so much growth for one person ;)
You are in my prayer. I hope it all works out. Keep me posted. I head to NY on Wed.......if things aren't screwed up with surgery dates (hospital seems to think I am supposed to be there mon for pre-op uuhhhggg!)
So since I might not be so up to going in to all the web pages, send me an email. I really want to know how this turns out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, So glad you got the letter and that the doctor is compassionate!! Thinking of you! Love, Sherri