Tuesday, October 16, 2012


You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.

 Henry David Thoreau 

Saturday was my birthday, I woke up contemplating the beauty of the life cycle. (I know ~ how Thoreau of me.)  I set out for a long walk and was fully aware that this was one of those days when nature would speak to me. How fitting that I would cross paths, twice, with the hairy fellow pictured to the left. When I saw him/her slowly inching across the path I stooped down and moved him over to the grass so that he wouldn't be squashed.  Just the other day I was discussing with a friend how amazing the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly is.They crawl around on this earth until it's time to build a cocoon and when they emerge they are completely changed. Transformed into a new being with the 'sky' package that comes fully equipped with wings! When I got done with my walk I looked up the fuzzy creature and was amazed to see what he would look like come springtime! Behold the Tiger Moth. This is what symbolism moths bring: 
Keywords: Strong healing abilities. Ability to perceive with clarity. Ability to guide from the dark to the light.
Moth’s Wisdom Includes:
  • The power of the whirlwind
  • Ease of movement in darkness/shadow
  • Transformation
  • Ability to confuse enemies
  • Ability to find light in darkness
At the end of my walk I was serenaded by two Red Tailed Hawks who screamed and circled above my head for 5 minutes. I've never understood the power they have on me, but when I hear them cry or see them soaring above me it stirs something deep in my soul. I've often had the urge to stick my arm out as a willing perch for them to land on. Where can I learn the art of tethering? Must put that on my bucket list!

Hawk teaches visionary power and clear sight with strong observation habits while using patience. He is a sign showing how to ride the winds of change, creativity and the power to surrender oneself to Spirit's guidance. Hawk clarifies reality and reiterates that one is on the correct life path. He aids in truth and illumination, gives a sense of guardianship and watchfulness and reiterates wise and important of opportunities are opening up. His swiftness, wisdom, leadership and strength in actions will guide with honor, integrity with grace and beauty. He will show how to see more in life from a higher perspective of truth. Hawk will show you how to fulfill your soul's purpose. Be ready for a greater intensity to life for Hawk will guide you in the mind, body and spiritual aspects of your journey.