Sunday, October 16, 2011

Keep Looking Up

If you've been following my blog over the past 4 years, you know that I am a firm believer in signs. They can lead me in an unexpected direction, present clarity, be uplifting or just make me laugh until I cry.  I've been confiding lately in a wise friend of mine who has given me great counsel. Most recently, at the end of an encouraging email, a very simple yet profound message was conveyed ~

This wasn't a suggestion, but more of a wake up call ~ I've been looking down way too much lately and really can't remember the last time I lifted my head to the heavens and looked up. As a Chiarian, looking up isn't something we do much, because it physically hurts to look up and can cause a wicked case of vertigo. But I digress ~ God commands us to put our trust in HIM, search for that guiding light that shows us the way to go when we have lost our way.

Three times in two days I lifted my head to the skies after a torrential downpour and saw double rainbows. I was even able to capture them on my iPhone. The photo above was taken last night at the football field before the game. The rainbow is a promise that God will never flood the earth again ~ and HE always keeps his promises. But seriously, three times in two days? How many double rainbows have you seen in your lifetime. I've seen a couple but never been able to capture them on film to share with others.

The rainbow sightings have been humbling ~ giving me new perspective and hope. May you been blessed with the sighting of a double rainbow, too.