Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rising Action

I can definitively say that I have arrived at the rising action point in my Chiari journey. After waiting for a reply from the local neuro-surgeon ~ it only took him five weeks to draft a letter reeking of cowardice and ignorance ~ I can check off another task off my list.

So ~ what next??? I have followed orders from the insurance company to the letter, including seeing idiot local surgeon so that he could completely discount my condition and requested tethered cord (TC) surgery. Not only has he refused to do the TC surgery, he has so kindly offered to the 'rather routine' (his words no mine) decompression for me. How kind ~ what a nice guy ~ of course he didn't even do an examination when I saw him, unless you consider following his finger back and forth and testing the reflexes on my knees an accurate examination. Does he thinks he is doing ME a favor?!?

If there is a silver lining in here ~ the one good thing is that come hell or high water, the village idiot surgeon won't lay one hand on me. I would rather perform my own brain surgery!!! So ~ I have to let the anger and disbelief die down a bit ~ regroup. I will run to the shelter of my 2nd surgeon next week ~ whom I absolutely adore ~ and have him write my second required recommendation letter for decompression at TCI. Maybe I will get the decompression before the TC ~ at this point ~ I just want to get a surgery date on the books. At this rate, the earliest date would be in November.


Puglet said...

November 30th is a good day for brain surgery ;) then we would have the same anniversary, and I could make us a cake in the shape of a chiari malformation!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sorry you are going through so much just to get a surgery date! It's also so hard to deal with local doctors who just don't understand your diagnosis and what you are dealing with physically. I'm thinking of you!! Love, Sherri

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see your anger matches the velocity of my own. Velocity is a good thing...for throwing things to the netherregions...like malfunctioning physicians...angst...futile imaginings...but most of all for hurtling swords of intent. I see you at the Chiari Inst receiving the medical care you deserve! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just put all your energy there...Boardwalk, Park Place, every railroad and all utilities. I am...and lots of prayers, too. I love you littlegiant. You would make any mother proud. XX00