Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Last Thing I Remember

I am patiently standing in line at the grocery store, feeling somewhat content for nearly completing my task of shopping for a camping trip this weekend. Suddenly, a jolt of panic rips through my brain ~ holy heat ~ I have no freaking idea where I parked my car!

Seriously, this short term memory failure is so not funny any more. At first, I'll admit, it was a little humorous. How could I possibly have forgotten where I parked my car. I just parked it not 10 minutes ago. I have a Bachelors of Science degree and they didn't teach any classes on how to regain your short term memory when your rouge brain tail has hidden it from you in the dark recesses of your mind!

Last thing I remembered when I was pulling into the parking space was seeing two surprised nuns dressed in royal blue habits. Thank goodness I still have my photographic memory in tact! It must not be stored in the cerebellum, otherwise, I would be in big trouble.

Mam ~ can I help you find your car?

Why certainly officer ~ I parked it over there where the scared nuns were standing. I nearly ran over them in my stealth hover craft.

Mam ~ I guess it would have been more helpful if you had run over them, then we could locate your car a little easier~

Did I tell you that my brain tail makes me a little snarky at times?!?


BillyBob said...

Sharon just now brewed her third pot of coffee this week with no pot under the brewer. Chiarians have a very unique way with short term memory loss. (Sharon is "sitting porcupine from headsaga and my wife)almost as goofy as hepatic encephalopathy.

Linda said...

I hate when I loose my car Lace. This happened to me in a very large parking garage. The level I went to on the elevator was not the level I parked my car so I thought someone took my car. After a few moments of panic I just hit the alarm button and heard it two levels above me. Some days I really do think it is possible to leave my brain at home. :)

Amanda said...

Don't feel too frustrated. I still do this and have no brain tail to blame it on. In fact, it reminds me of the time I lost my car for a week in the Texas Tech dorm parking lot - it was on the front row the entire time!