Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Power of the Butterfly

Since I am having a hard time walking without falling over walking on the treadmill has been out of the question. So in an attempt to hold onto the smallest ounce of sanity in my life I have started swimming again. We are members of a family health club that has an awesome heated indoor pool and it's been a pleasant surprise that my brain tail allows me to swim.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the water. I have come a long way from swimming for the Briargrove Barracudas at age six. When I was a teenager I lifeguarded and taught swim lessons. There is something incredibly satisfying about working with a child who is terrified of the water and to watch them fall in love with swimming!

For most people, swimming translates to putting on your bathing suit and bobbing up and down in the water. Not me, I can't get into a body of water without breaking out in a full fledged racing butterfly stroke ~ I just can't help myself! Muscle memory is a powerful thing ~ I don't know if I will ever completely understand it ~ but I love swimming the butterfly stroke and it's permanently emblazoned in my memory. It is probably the most complicated and physically demanding stroke to swim.

My shoulders have always been semi double jointed and swimming butterfly
feels so good to me. Probably thanks to Ehlers Danlos I have a greater range of motion. So ~ for now ~ I am happy that I can workout and feel strong and healthy if for at least a little while.

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manditalita said...

I have been struggling with the fact the "working out" in the gym is not a possibility for me right now. Too dangerous. But swimming huh?! That would be great!! Thanks for the comment you left! I have been looking for some kind of support from someone who knows.
Thank you thank you thank you for finding me!