Sunday, February 3, 2008

Two Days In; and the Request

Wow. Tough blog to start. Hi, I'm Lacie's friend Erica. She's written about me, I've blogged about her a few times. I wanted to tell you all I hacked in to Little Lacie's site, inciting marvel and admiration for my sleek and felonious computer skills. Truth is, Little Lace gave me Guest Blogger rights so I could entertain you while she's laying around drinking water and eating rolls all day.

I can't tell you all how thankful I am to God that Little Lacie of the Enormous Brain has gotten through the first of her three procedures. I can't tell you how thankful I am for this medium so that John can just type updates, load 'em in, and - magic - we all know how our friend is doing.

We have all been privileged to read and be part of this tiny little woman's incredible journey. Out of her generosity, and let's face it, her need to make sense of this whole process, she let us in. I've known her for, I don't know, maybe 8 years and the way she has carried herself throughout has been an inspiration to me. Me, I'm too big a baby. I recently experienced a debilitating karaoke injury (I will write about this on my own site later) and do nothing but hobble around wincing at the pain in my calf. I have considered going to the doctor to try to get some oxycotin for the pain. Not sure if it's gonna fly.

Today's request/plea though is this: I want us to buy Lacie some fun wigs. She has resoundingly approved of this idea and fully intends to wear whatever we buy her. We can get some lovely things here at a very reasonable price, or you can be more conservative here, but slightly more expensive. While I may look for something in a Scully fashion, I might decide to pander to the extreme geek inside of Lacie and get The Matrix Twins Wig. :) I even considered a skull cap so she could pretend to be Gollum, but didn't think that would be very comfortable.

Here's what I would like you to do: if you want in, if you want to in some small way, help support this beautiful woman who has inspired and moved us, email me at I will coordinate the types of wigs so there is no duplication, tell you where to ship them to make sure they get to Lacie so she can smile and feel your love. If you can't afford a wig, which is cool, email me and I'll collect cards, letters, emails, and love for her and deliver them in a happy package to her door.

Cards and words of encouragement for John would be a great idea too. I know what it's like to have a spouse in the hospital. I know what its like to manage the load at home, caring for the kids, working, rushing to the hospital, sitting by your loved one's side, and worrying all the time and trying not to show it.

Let's show Lacie and her family how much she has touched our lives, while she Lives Loves and Laughs.

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Bobby, NOT the liver said...

Erica, your post was very nice. Lace will be thrilled. Please give her a hug from the Aragons, Bobby and Sharon. This is a rare opportunity, as we cannot ask Lace to give herself a hug when we leave comments, that would be weird, and the normal "hugs to you" isn't the same. Get well soon, Lace, yea yea,woo woo!