Friday, February 1, 2008

The Dr. B Report

So I hung around for about an hour before going to lunch, hoping to catch Dr. Bolognese with his report on Lacie. Of course, immediately after I departed he showed up! When I returned from lunch downstairs, they directed me up to the 9th floor neuro dept to speak with him.

The report was very good. The surgery went to plan with no complications or surprises. He said there was indeed a "fair amount" of tethering that was easily detectible once they had her opened up. He mentioned that her dura was a little thinner than normal, but not nearly as thin as some other patients he has seen with EDS. Thin, delicate tissue is a common side effect of EDS and it can create complications with the healing process, such as cerebral spinal fluid leaks in this case. The dura, by the way, is the thin membrane that encases the spinal cord, allowing the spinal fluid to flow from the brain on down and back up again. So, nothing unexpected, and I think maybe even additional good news in that her dura is not as thin as it could have been.

Hoping to see her in her room in the next hour or two. I'll post another update this evening when I get her room number and so forth as I know some of you have asked.


Anonymous said...

I lit a candle for Lacie this morning and I will keep it lit until she comes home. Sounds like all went well. She is in the best of hands. Your family is in our thoughts.
Tanya, Matt, Katarina, & Isabelle
Monroe, NY

Anonymous said...

John. Thanks so much for the updates. That report from the doctor is so encouraging! Me and Jamie are thinking of you, Lacie and the girls. Best wishes to all. Jason

Queli said...

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date John. Tell Lacie that Q says hi and "keep on climbing".
You both are in my prayers.

Bill said...

Hi Lacie,

Wish we were closer to you so we could pay you a visit. We are staying up with things through your mom and the blog. Looks like things are going well. We are thinking about you.
Bill & Emily

lzwitty said...

I've been thinking about Lacie all day. I also asked all the students and teachers at Old Union to remember her today. I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well! That's so neat that you all got to meet Julie Carter, too. Give all the TCI guys and gals my love (and Dennis at VH, too!) I'm so excited to hear your good news. I'll continue to remember you all in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Oops! Sure enough, looks like my earlier comment didn't make it through!
Great news about the successful surgery! Praise the Lord! Y'all have been on such an amazing journey since all doors began to OPEN! And what an extra measure of grace that you were able to meet, talk with, and be encouraged by Julie!
We are grateful for the updates and still praying! now the recovery begins!
Love from all of us