Saturday, February 9, 2008


I am finding myself shaking my head from time to time during the day ~ where am I? Did I really just have spinal detethering surgery a little over a week ago? Did the Giants really win the Super Bowl? Maybe it's the effect of Morphine and muscle relaxants that are warping my mind.

The first couple of days after surgery were really tough ~ but sage advice from fellow Chiarians who have been detethering ~ the more you move the better you will feel ~ proved to be absolutely true. I am really looking forward to getting my stitches removed tomorrow morning ~ I am giddy with the idea of taking a shower on Wednesday, February 13th ~ maybe that will help me feel more human and grounded.

I may be pushing my luck ~ and I am known to do that from time to time ~ but today is my first day without morphine. I am hoping I can substitute Tylenol or Advil and get the same relative pain relief.

I feel like I am in this weird time warp vortex right now. I still have brain decompression surgery for March 7th on the calendar. I am supposed to be in Long Island a couple of days before surgery for MRI's, doc appointments and invasive cervical traction ~ sounds like an awesome vacation ~ right?!? But, wait, Dr. M told me to wait three or four months and let's see what happens. What do I do with that information? Can I have that in writing!! I fear that I will be forced to go ahead with the next surgery even though I might not need it.

My plan is to wait another week and then call TCI and see what my next step should be. So far, I haven't had one Chiari symptom since my surgery ~ I believe in miracles ~ If my brain tail decides to crawl back up into it's cranial compartment this could be the biggest miracle of my lifetime!


Anonymous said...

Wow....a real shower tomorrow? Woo Hoo! So good to begin to feel "normal" again! Amazing that you have not had any Chiari symptoms since surgery! Thank you, Lord! Keep us posted....
still praying.

Jenn said...

Hey Lace,
I am glad you are feeling so good. I am still taking the muscle relaxants but I think mainly because they ripped out 2 of my disks (gently I am sure) and shoved bone in where they used to be.
I am fairly certain you have until 2 or 3 weeks before the surgery to cancel/postpone it. That way they have time to contact some one else and arrange everything. Inge would know the exact time line I think. No way would they force you into it if you want to wait, it's not like you just have cold feet.

E said...

Watch Emperor of the Sea.

Aunt Lisa said...

Hold on... no more circles in front of church with you sitting on a chair while we all pray over your giant brain? Weird.. :) YAHOO!!!!!

Aunt Lisa said...

Hold on... no more circles in front of church with you sitting on a chair while we all pray over your giant brain? Weird.. :) YAHOO!!!!!

Bobby said...

We're really gonna pray hard that your brain tail retreats from the battle field before any thing else need be done. Man, how cool would that be? Glad to see you are getting well so soon.

Queli said...

Enjoy that shower :)
I hope this was the first and last.
Ironically my next appointment in NY is in March. lol
So even though you are great...I hope I don't meet you then ;)

Katie said...

Okay, first, I'm so sorry that I haven't commented before now. I've been praying for you and I'm so glad that you're feeling so well since your surgery! That's absolutely awesome.

I can see why the second surgery would be a disconcerting thing. Let me know what happens and if you do end up needing it (which we're all praying for the miracle that you don't!), I've got a lot of good advice to pass along from others and from my own experience.

You can do this! You're doing great, keep up the great recovery work!

Jenn Ann said...

I'm so happy that all seems to be going really well! I know how amazing that first hair washing and shower felt...almost as good as being symptom free!