Friday, February 1, 2008

In a White Room, with long curtains, near the station...

Isn't that how the lyrics go (or something like that)? So she's in her room. She got moved upstairs around 5:30 and is now somewhat settled in and feeling much better than earlier. Sluggish, but she has regained some personality, which is encouraging. Before I forget, the room information is:

Room 474
North Shore University Hospital
300 Community Dr.
Manhasset, NY

Her allergies have been driving her nuts this week and she's specifically asked for everyone to NOT send flowers! (I hear she's really into Jeeps and the Giants these days ~ oh, wait that's me, sorry!)

So she's feeling pretty decent all considered. Resting comfortably, morphine clicker firmly in hand! Although she's not using it as much as she could, which is a good sign.

Interesting news, Dr. Milhorat of TCI told her after the surgery that there was enough evidence of strong/tense tethering that he thinks it may now be in her best interest to wait 3-4 months to re-evaluate before jumping into the next surgery. Dr. Milhorat and Dr. Bolognese performed the surgery together. He is also convinced that her tethered cord caused her chiari. Although this kind of messes up the master plan, it is a good sign that she may require less surgery next time around, or maybe no surgery at all if she is really fortunate. This is purely hopeful speculation, but a possibility nonetheless. Perhaps we got some bonus answered prayers today?!?

Thank God for all these blessings we have received. And thank you all again for all your thoughts and prayers. I'm closing it out for tonight. I'll post again sometime tomorrow late afternoon or evening with an update.


Sarah said...

I am so pleased and relieved to hear this news. You guys have been in my thoughts and prayers all day. I am so looking forward to seeing you both on Sunday so I can give you a big, much deserved hug. Brian, Will and I love you both so much. xoxo

Q said...

AWESOME!!!! The Dream Team strikes again. Got to love those boys!

Mark said...

No flowers? Jeep or Giants gear? Go figure. We are so glad things went well and we will continue our thoughts a prayers for you guys.

Paul Franklin said...

Praise God things are going so well. May the healing begin. I too give thanks for Him bringing ya'll this far.

Go Giants and most importantly Go Lacie.

Blessings on all of you.

Dee Hall said...

So glad to hear Lacie's surgery went well and that she is on her road to are all in my prayers..


tee said...

So so happy that the surgery went well...keeping the prayers flowing for a quick recovery and for the possibility of no more surgeries! Keep up the great work Lacie!!
Go Eli! lots of love and prayers - Tammy

Jenn said...

Great news, sounds like we are in a similar waiting zone then. I understand how it messes things up but maybe they will be better in the the long run and maybe this is how they were meant to be. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I saw BP mentioned in one of the posts I hope you aren't getting that part of my plan too. You were up really quick, so I am optimistic!