Friday, November 16, 2007

What's around the river bend?

I feel like I have a new perspective ~ I have finally made it up the hill ~ cut through the red tape and I can look back at how far I have come. What's around the river bend? What's above the next peak? I am trying to sit with the enormity of the tasks ahead of me ~ do I have some available time in my schedule for brain surgery? Sure, why not.

Friends and family have been my glue that have kept me together during my daily struggles, but one friend in particular has been right by my side every dizzy step along the way! Erica is one of those friends who is passionate about life ~ she asks the ugly questions ~ she wants to know every detail about how my body is falling apart ~ life is messy ~ she gets that ~ it's refreshing to be able to be so real with her. In the same breath, she's the kind of friend that can make me laugh until the tears come.

She posted a blog entry about me yesterday ~ she has an incredible talent to really listen to me and express how I am feeling when I can't find the words. I love you, sister, my friend!


E said...

Life's not always pretty. How could I not ask the ugly questions? It's part of the whole thing, isn't it?

lzwitty said...

What a sweet entry. You're truly blessed to have a friend like that. I have a special friend, too. Amy went wig shopping with me prior to my surgery. I needed someone to tell me "No, that looks like a wig," when trying them on. Sounds like you have the same type of special friendship, too. So happy that you got clearance for your surgeries!

Beth said...

Thanks again for checking out my new little blog this week! I love your positive're an inspiration to us all! Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!