Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pain Management and Hoping to be Discharged Today

Well ~ the word around here is that I am going to be discharged today! We will probably bunk at the Variety House tonight and head on home on Wednesday so that I am sure I can manage my pain.

They took the pain pump away yesterday ~ what a difference it had made. Nice not to be hooked up to anything anymore, but I am missing the constant flow of pain medication.  So ~ I am using the breathing techniques I learned in lamaze classes ~ taking baby steps in the hospital halls ~ drinking lots of fluids.  

I am looking forward to going home soon ~ will be nice to have all the creature comforts of home.  I feel so relieved that the girls have been well taken care of by my Mom ~ she has kept them busy with activities and has been helping them to understand that I will not be up to full mommy strength for a while.  (Holy heat ~ the hospital zamboni went by my room a second time!)

Back to Mom ~ as an adult, it's hard to admit that I still need my Mom there for support ~ need her to hold my hand when I am nervous in the pre-op holding room ~ you get the picture. Just having Mom around makes me feel better.  The problem with that this time is that I didn't realize my need until it was too late for her to drove down to Long Island. So Mom ~ I definately want you to be here with me for the next surgery.

So ~ here we sit ~ John and I ~ waiting for the surgeons to make their rounds ~ the ticker tape parade will be in full swing by 11 am this morning in Manhattan.  Thanks again to everyone for your prayers and support ~ they have really meant a lot to me and have helped me to push forward and through the pain.  Especially thanks to John ~ you are my Knight in shining armor ~ true story ~ Thanks for keeping me hydrated and waiting on me hand and foot. Love you 


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

I wrote a comment a couple of days ago, but it didn't post, so here I am again to try! So happy to hear all of your good news! Hopefully this will be the first and last surgery!!! Lacie, make sure you rest when you do get home. It's hard to do when you're a mom, but you have to. Let us know if we can help out in any way. Sending you prayers and hugs!

Lisa, Mark and Amanda

Tina SF said...

Jeff and I are so thrilled at your progress thus far. The first 24 hours is always the worst for pain, so it's downhill from here chickie! I totally get the Mom thing though. When my Mom was there waiting for me after I had my surgery, I felt relaxed and in such good hands. Same with when she took me to the ER -- there's a comfort tht Mom's can provide that is difficult, if not impossible, for others to live up to. (Although Jeff, and I'm sure John, did/will do fantastic).
My only other tip is: keep the hospital socks. They are super comfy and warm - plus you won't slip in them!
Tina :)

Caroline said...

Lace, I am so glad to hear you are doing so well and that the surgery was such a success. I didn't even think to check your blog b/c I thought there wouldn't be any posts for a few days! So I've missed alot and just got up to speed.

Sounds like it might be good news with the tethered release helping things at the top end. that is what I really hope would happen for me too. Especially since my herniation is minimal. Maybe a little bit of "slack" would do the trick.

Keep drinking lots of water, take it easy and allow John to baby you.

hugs to you,


E said...

Mom's are the best. Remember that when your girls are older and pushing you away.

E said...

OH YEA! I'm so glad you are doing so Little Lacie. Call me if you can once you are in a good place. I love you.

Anonymous said...

What a touching tribute to your mom! And a treasure it will be to her....
You are a dear daughter!
Praying for your return home and the slow process of re-entry!

Heather said...

I'm so glad that you are recovering so well! Lets continue to pray for healing, as it takes time. Glad to see you smiling in the picture, a smile is a good sign! You will continue to stay in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I agree about your comments about your Mom. Its hard to know what you want or even need when in pain controls you. You've been in a lot of it for a long time. Sometimes you just have to make decisions and go with them for a time and try to stay in touch with your heart. But I can't think of another person who can replace Mom for you when you need her love, assurance and comfort. Though hard to accept as a Dad, it's truth. The girls are blessed to have her close, and so are you and John, in a time like this. Hope you get released today and that the pain and nausia is gone for good.
Love, Dad

Jeff Foley said...

So glad you're getting out of the hospital and heading home. Home is a great place to be! You can't overstate the importance of being around your stuff and, more importantly, all the people that matter to you. Take it easy and don't push it too much initially!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cousin!
So glad to hear things are progressing as they should!
We're praying for you!

Queli said...

Have a great trip home:)

Linda said...

I am so glad you finally had your surgery. Keeping you in our prayers. {{{HUGS}}}