Monday, February 4, 2008

Giant Steps

(John:) I can't count how many times I have read or heard that headline, "Giant Steps." Never before has it had more meaning. Yesterday, Sunday, was quite a day. After a pretty awful Saturday, Lace really turned the corner Sunday morning. I arrived at the hospital around 10 a.m. and she was already out of bed and sitting up in a chair. Shortly after that, she got up and took her first walk down the hall of the hospital. By the end of the day, she had been up several times and done a good half dozen laps around the 4th floor of the hospital. 

After lunch, I departed to pick up Lacie's sister Sarah from Brooklyn so she could pay Lacie a brief visit during the afternoon (see photo). 

Sunday night we watched the big game. SO HOW 'BOUT THEM GIANTS!!! Amazing game. That pass from Manning to Tyree was incredible. Lace had forecasted all along the Giants were going to win the Super Bowl. Now that her brain tail is going to start shrinking, her prognostication days may be over, but it was quite a run while it lasted. A lot of the Giants young players have shown a lot of promise so maybe this run will last a while longer.

Today has born more good news. A PA from her neurosurgeon's office dropped by this morning and all is looking good. Her surgical drain was removed and she should have her IV removed later today as well. Surgical scar is healing well. The PA said there is no reason we shouldn't expect to be discharged tomorrow by noon. We'll probably stay at least one extra night at the Variety House across the street to make sure everything continues to heal okay. So if all goes to plan, we'll be returning home to the capital district maybe Wednesday, probably Thursday.

That's about it from here. Lacie is well enough to do her own postings now, so this will be my last post. It's been fun. Keep checking daily for Lacie's updates. In closing, I'd like to thank everyone – family, friends, co-workers and our church community – for all your support. Special thanks to Lacie's mom for all her help with taking care of and supporting the kids while we were away. It has been such a relief to know they are in her loving care. Thanks be to God for all of you. John


E said...

"By the end of the day, she had been up several times and done a good half dozen laps around the 4th floor of the hospital."

Why does that NOT surprise me? And I kept trying to get the brain tail to tell me what fun I would have in 2008, and it wouldn't. Stupid brain tail.

Anonymous said...

She looks just like lacie....Up and around......nothing keeping her down. Way to go Lacie!!! Gotta say......that gown is stunning.....hahahaha.

John, thank you so much for keeping us all did a GREAT job and HOW BOUT THEM GIANTS!!!! That was truly the best game around. Too bad you couldn't make it uptown to the TickerTape Parade tomorrow at 11 but Lacie getting out of the hospital is soo much better.

We are still praying that the next surgery won't have to happen....thanks bunches.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! These updates have been wonderful and the picture made my heart jump. To see Lacie up, walking and SMILING is wonderful and I praise God for his faithfulness. Sandy and the girls were smiling participants at church. Everything is good. ~Kim

lzwitty said...

What wonderful news! The picture of Lacie up and smiling was great to see, too! Thanks to the Lord for answered prayers.


Anonymous said...

AMEN! Giant steps, indeed! Lacie, so good to see you up and enjoying Sarah's visit! And, John, thanks so much for your daily's helped us not feel so far away!! Way to go Lacie and way to go Giants! Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Lacie's up and walking! Hugs to you both. My mom says drink lots of fluids ;-) We've all been keeping up with your blog at work.

more hugs for Lacie,

Anonymous said...

I'd be more supprised if there had been only 2 laps. I've always said "big things come in small packages". So glad you are doing better. Can't wait to chat.

Thanks John for your great updates. Hope you can get some rest. Wow, that was a game to remember. I was screaming so lound the dogs thaught I'd lost my mind.


tee said...

Yeah! So awesome to see you up and around...and smiling!
So great to hear the good news...hope it continues on...

Laurie said...

Hello Lace and John, I just read through all of the posts since Lace had surgery. This is all such wonderful news! It would be great if her TC was the cause of her Chiari and the only surgery she needed. I was just up at TCI. (Looks like we missed each other by one day.) Since my tethered cord surgery my herniation has decreased 3 mm (mine was not that long before surgery) and my brainstem is now at the length it should be. So yeah taking time off and having re-imaging just might show that brain tail waving bye-bye to you. Lace you look great in the picture, I love the smile! I am also very impressed with the laps you are taking around the halls. You Go Girl! Take care of yourself. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

So great to see you smiling!
We continue to keep you in our prayers --- Mary

Puglet said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!

So, you, me..Tibet next year?

Anonymous said...

Hooray! And what a relief... I don't think I exhaled all day Friday, until I spoke with John.

Let me know when you're up for a visitor and I'll show up with my Seinfeld DVDs, unless it hurts to laugh. If that's the case, I'll bring something really depressing! :) Love you, Lace! And thanks to John for keeping me in the loop.


p.s. Did you bring the monk to the Institute with you? :)

G said...

All of us here at the NOC are happy for the good news! A total win win situation! Rest up and come see us soon! -G