Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Day After

The day after is supposed to be the toughest day, and it sure was. Lacie told me she wanted some time to rest up in the morning so I arrived at the hospital around noon to join her for lunch. Unfortunately, she was not very hungry. She's been having bouts of nausea off and on all day. She had a little bit of a roll with some water and that was about it. After that we watched some of a movie while we tried to ignore the family next to us who had been making a ruckus since they arrived. The woman seems to have been in and out of treatment for some time and the daughter was showing signs of being fed up with it all. Lots of complaining to the nurses and so forth. They finally got an early discharge around 3:00 and the tension level has been much better since!

24 hours after the surgery Lacie was supposed to start making an effort to sit up and walk around. She was able to sit up in bed and around 3:30 she got out of bed and took a few assisted steps over to a chair where she sat for a couple hours. So this was some good progress. I had hoped she might walk a bit more but the nausea set in again and they had to add some drips to her IV to get her blood pressure back up again. Around 6:30 she moved back over to the bed and is now resting. She's been pretty pooped all day and the movement took a lot out of her. She did not eat any dinner at all. I bought her a Coke which she did drink most of.

So that's about all the news for today. Sarah is supposed to visit from Brooklyn tomorrow. I hope she is up for it. 

Please pray for Lacie that:
1) She will be rested and have more energy tomorrow
2) She will walk more tomorrow
3) Her nausea will have passed

And what the heck, you can also pray that the NY Giants get a good nights sleep and play well tomorrow in the Super Bowl!

Thanks be to God for today's blessings.

Go Giants!!!


Bobby, not the liver said...

God bless Lace, and may she get well soon. Thanks for keeping us all updated.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.....sounds like a tough day.
We are praying! Give Lacie a hug for us.

Q said...

Lace- just know this time too shall pass. Try ordering all the things from the menu that can sit in the room for several hours (the easy to get down stuff like bread and jello) Then you can nibble here and there instead of trying to get down a meal right now. As always you are in my prayers.
I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ---Mother Teresa

Anonymous said...

Your prayer requests have been granted...and then some. Especially that Lacie feels better tomorrow and can get up and moving around a little bit. Have they said how long she will be in there? Does the possibility that the next surgery may not have to happen mean the one in March? That would just be awesome. I will pray that that is true.

Go GIANTS!!!! - they ARE going to win. Thanks for the updates John. Much appreciated.

Debbie @ MGAM

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Darlin, you are on the way to recovery. So proud of you. Go Giants! Wish I was there with you through this. John you are a jewel. Just for you, the Giants will make history tomorrow.

Love you both. Dad