Sunday, February 3, 2008

Speed Bump From Hell

What was I thinking when I referred to this spinal surgery as a 'speed bump'.  Today is day three after surgery and I have been either sitting up in a chair or walking through the hospital halls ~ IV in tow.  Let me go back a couple of days ~ I will warn you now ~ I just got a full dose of morphine so I am sure that half of my post will make no sense at all!

On Friday, February 1st, I awoke at 5am to get dressed and head over to the Hospital.  I was tossing and turning all night with a horrible migraine headache.  By the time I had put all of my belongings in a plastic sack and put on the oh so fashionable hospital gowns, I was in tears from my headache. I could barely even open my eyes the pain was so bad. When they came to get me for surgery it was 6:45am.  They parked me outside of the OR while they got all prepared ~ it was noisy and I couldn't keep the florescent lights out of my eyes. AND they didn't give me any type of sedative before going into the OR.  

When they were ready for me, they wheeled my right into the OR ~ got the IV in and then since I was in a lot of pain already from the headache they decided to go ahead and knock me out. I remember breathing in the anesthesia and thinking "It's not working ~ I'm not falling asleep!" Next thing I remembered was waking up in the recover room and thinking ~ "My headache is completely gone and for the first time in my life I was totally nausea free!"

The scoop on the results of my surgery ~ Dr. M said that I was tethered really tight ~ like a bow.  He also believes that my tethered cord was the cause of my Chiari. Then he said something that totally blew my away.  He said that he wanted to wait 3-4 months and see what happens. He was pretty certain that my herniation would shrink a lot now.  WOW ~ SERIOUSLY!! So ~ now I might be good to go in a couple of months and then maybe skip the whole brain surgery thing would be awesome! 

So you are probably wondering ~ how's the pain ~ hurts bad ~ really bad ~ but I've got some good drugs to combat the pain. I have muscles in my back that I never knew I had! I am going to sign off for now ~ morphine is kicking in and it's getting harder to type. Thanks so much for all of your comments ~ John has been reading them to me when he comes to visit me. Keep the prayers coming for healing and less pain.


Anonymous said...

Hook em Horns, Lacie! Sounds great. God is good. You have too much to do for Him to mess with this "minor" diversion. Keep fighting, but relax a bit and recover. Love you so much!

Go Giants, only 4pts down. They are going to do this!!!

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Wow! So good to see that you are able now to log in a report! The news is great....and you sound great! Spunky as ever! We are keeping the prayers continue to mend.
Go Giants!
Love from all of us,

Aunt Lisa said...

Lacie- Looks like our prayers for you (and John's Giants) have been effective! I've been forwarding your postings to the prayer chain and the missions team. We love you and continue to pray for you!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome....about the possibility of not having the second surgery and to top it all off...the GIANTS win!!! w00t w00t!! I hope you are feeling better soon. Keep up the positive thoughts and we will keep the prayers coming your way.


tee said...

Lacie you are doing wonderful...and John, you are doing amazing as well! What a great, supportive husband you are being...and HOW 'BOUT THEM GIANTS! Not being a huge Giants fan, but knowing how much they mean to you guys and what an awesome gift for you two! Plus, it was probably one of the best games to watch in a long time. Hope you got to enjoy it!
Sending many prayers your way...

bobby, not the liver said...

Again, Lace, get well soon, God bless you. We are praying, Sharon and I. I hope your dream comes true that your brain tail will tuck and run, now that it has been disconnected.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lacie! So glad to hear that maybe you can skip surgery #2. We will keep our fingers crossed! I'm wondering when you are getting discharged and when you will be heading back home. I have lots of Outside magazine and others in hand to deliver as well as LOTR trilogy ready to play for a marathon. We'd better wait until you are off the serious pain drugs or you will have orcs and cave trolls entering your dreams! Scary. Say hi to wilbur and his parents for us! See you soon.
Love, Suzy, Darrin & Erin (don't start singing the tune) P.S. How do you like Darrin's CD?