Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dream It Anyway

God is great but sometimes life ain't good ~

I am reading a book (The Climb of My Life ~ Kelly Perkins) right now about a woman who had a heart transplant at age 35! She went from being a vibrant, athletic young woman to a patient waiting for a new heart in a blink of an eye. At some point in time while she was waiting for a new heart she looked at herself in the mirror ~ really looked at herself and when she did, she had to grab the bathroom counter to steady herself.

She hardly recognized the reflection in the mirror! The most shocking thing that she noticed was that her smile had been broken and she knew in that moment that she desperately wanted it back! Her lost smile and dreams helped fuel her forward to recovery.

Dreams are powerful and not to be taken lightly. I have to constantly remind myself of this as I wait for my new "head space".

Anyway ~ Martina McBride

You Can Spend Your Whole Life Buildin'
Somethin' From Nothin'
One Storm Can Come And Blow It All Away
Build It Anyway

You Can Chase A Dream
That Seems So Out Of Reach
And You Know It Might Not Ever Come Your Way
Dream It Anyway

God Id Great, But Sometimes Life Ain't Good
When I Pray It Doesn't Always Turn Out Like I Think It Should
But I Do It Anyway
I Do It Anyway

This Worlds Gone Crazy And It's Hard To Believe
That Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today
Believe It Anyway
You Can Love Someone With All Your Heart
For All The Right Reasons
An In A Moment They Can Choose To Walk Away
Love 'em Anyway

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