Friday, November 2, 2007

Mind's Eye

So, I get a call ~ at my house ~ today ~ and it's neurosurgeon #5. He finally received the MRI disc with pictures of my lumbar spine. Remember, he couldn't figure out how to open the files for that disc when I was in his office. This time he had the help of his PA to open the files.

He called to tell me that he had reviewed the pictures and he does not believe that I have tethered cord. Then he sums up the conversation by saying, and I quote,
"I don't know what they are smoking down there ~ but you definitely don't have a tethered cord!"
Now I don't know how you might feel, but I thought that was a pretty unprofessional statement to insinuate that the brilliant doctors at TCI sit around smoking dope and making up diagnosis for their patients. It still amazed me how little faith doctors have and I am thankful that I have a lot of faith in God and faith in doctors who are experts in the Chiari field. But, seriously, how rude!

The point is ~ no ~ I don't have tethered cord, never said I did ~ but TCI thinks I have an occult tethered cord ~ translation, you can't see it on films but it's there. They know this because of the large number of patients who have it.

This song says it all ~ can you see a breeze ~ it's presence is revealed by the leaves on the trees ~ an image of my faith in the unseen ~ comfort me in my hurricane ~


lzwitty said...

I can't believe that doctor said that to you about the docs. at TCI. It's just like you said--that's incredibly rude AND unprofessional. You should have said, "I don't know what YOU were smokin' when they went over professional etiquette in medical school but maybe you can sign up for a refresher course!"

Anonymous said...

Hi, So sorry about this last neurosurgeon's comments :-( I'm thinking of you! Love, Sherri