Sunday, December 16, 2007


I was tagged this week by Billy Bob to list seven random things about me ~ so here I go ~
  1. I have swum in a cow trough many times during my summer camp camper/counselor days ~ true story ~ It is surprisingly quite refreshing but incredibly slippery on the bottom of the trough due to many years of cow slobber build up!
  2. I was an acolyte at church when I was in high school ~ one Sunday we were celebrating a big birthday of the church and I, along with a fellow acolyte, were asked to carry a ginormous sheet cake down the long aisle to the altar. We were laughing so hard the whole time that we almost dropped the cake on the floor.
  3. A sorority sister of mine once convinced me that she could make a parrot costume for me for a Spanish Galleon mixer. She dressed me in a bright tie dye shirt and pants and then stuck cut out feathers all over me. Was I convincing as a parrot ~ you be the judge ~ someone at the mixer told me that I must be in the wrong place and that the 70's mixer was down the street!
  4. I love to rappel down mountains, but the first time I tried rappelling it was at youth group at my church and we rappelled out the second story window. My foot went below the window ledge and I ended upside down. Then I was laughing so hard that I didn't have enough strength to pull myself back up.
  5. I absolutely can't deal with Saran Wrap ~ hate the stuff ~ curse words come flying out of my mouth at the thought of Saran Wrap (@#%#$^%)!
  6. My favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation. "What's that squeeky noise?"
  7. I see dead people and read minds.

OK ~ now I am supposed to tag other bloggers ~ but I have never been a fan of putting pressure on others to deliver ~ but my blog buddy Erica, my friend, you are tagged for random blogging! Hey ~ you ~ random blog lurkers ~ peering into my personal life ~ if you are going to hang out long enough to read about my life ~ leave me a random comment ~ please!


John said...

As your husband, I feel I should fess up that I am a blog "lurker." So, I'm signing in and getting on the radar here!

And by the way, I'm glad we at least share one of these things in common (#6)!

Sar said...

The Saran Wrap hatred must be in our genes. I can't stand the stuff. All I can say is Press & Seal, baby. The stuff is great!