Thursday, December 13, 2007

Love Thy Neighbor

So ~ we got our first nor'easter of the winter season today. I don't know the official measurement, but at last count we were over six inches ~ not too shabby for a pre-Christmas snow. As an added bonus ~ we are getting a huge snow storm on Sunday which will make today's storm look like a small blip on the radar.

So ~ it took me twice as long to drive home today due to the snow and ice on the road ~ not to mention the morons out there who just don't know how to drive on snow. Anyway, after I got home I warmed up, put on my snow shoveling clothes and headed out to tackle the driveway. First thing I noticed when I stepped outside ~ with shovel in hand ~ is that my neighbor across the street was using a snow blower to clear his driveway.

He was having a bonding moment with his daughter, teaching her the finer skills of snow blowing. A passing thought went through my mind, maybe this neighbor of mine will volunteer to at least help me move the super heavy, snow plow snow from the bottom of the driveway. He never even acknowledged me at all. After his driveway was completely clear of even a speck of snow, while whistling, he finished up the task with throwing a good level of salt on the driveway to prevent icing during the night. He neatly put his snow blower away in the garage, closed the door and that was it.

I could be bitter about the whole situation ~ but you know what ~ I am sorry for the guy that he missed out on a great opportunity to teach his daughter a lesson about random acts of kindness. I know that one day when I finally have a snow blower, if I saw someone slaving away with drifts of snow I will be sure to help them out. Love thy neighbor ~ it's a hard commandment to keep when you have a clueless neighbor.


Lisa said...


Your story of your clueless neighbor made me think of my own experience with the same situation. The week Mark had his back surgery, we had a bad storm. One morning, I was trying to get out of the driveway to get to the hospital to see him and I noticed the neighbors across the street doing their driveway. There was the husband with a snowblower and two large teenage sons with shovels. As I was trying to maneuver our huge snowblower through the snowplow pile at the bottom of the driveway while Amanda was inside, alone, I couldn't help but think that they would see me and run over to help. Did they? No. They were done and warm inside long before I was. Sometimes people just aren't aware. I feel your pain, girlfriend. Why don't you hire someone with a truck to plow it right over to their side of the street? Only kidding. :)

Caroline said...

I'm sorry to hear about your thoughtless neighbor.

We had a big dump of snow last week too (about 2 feet!) I got home after a weekend away and there was only one lane plowed outside my house. I couldn't park in the street but I couldn't shovel snow banks which were over 3 feet high either.

My neighbors are in worse shape then me. she had a stroke last year and he just got out of the hospital for having 5 aneurysms repaired. But they have a healthy daughter(thank God) So I went and asked them and they were kind enough to let me park in their driveway that their daughter had dug out.

It's so nice when you have neighbors you know you can rely on.

I hope your snow has melted by now. Ours is long gone. We usually only get about 1 week of snow per winter here.