Friday, December 28, 2007

LOST Season 4

LOST Season 4 premieres on Thursday ~ January 31, 2008. With all that has been going on I almost forgot about our favorite castaways! If it's been too long since you thought about Sawyer, Locke, Sayid, Jack, Kate ~ here's a recap from Season 3 to jog your memory.

Whatever they came for, it isn't us ~

There isn't much time! ~ if you want to live you need to come with me ~

There's a traitor in our midst ~

Every person on this island will be killed ~

We are really going home ~

We made a mistake ~ we weren't supposed to leave ~

We have to go back Kate!

Here's a link for more trailers ~ spoiler alert!

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I have enjoyed spending some time on your blog. You made me feel better just by being here. I hope you know how much that means. =) Thanks so much!

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