Monday, July 16, 2007

Valley of the Shadow

So this is how it's going to be ~ the message echoes over and over again ~ you are walking through the valley of the shadow...

I tried to get the ball rolling today with the insurance company and called them to find out how to get the process moving with approving my decompression surgery at The Chiari Institute (TCI). They put me on hold for 8 minutes ~ they came back on the line to tell me that my care manger no longer works with the company and the woman taking over my case is in training. (Awesome! It's going to take me an hour long explanation to bring the newbie up to speed!) So they forward me to someone who is 'filling in' this week.

She proceeds to tell me that first, I will need to get letters from two of my neurosurgeons stating that they have read the doctors notes from TCI, refuse to do the surgery and recommend that I get decompressed at TCI. Additionally, I might have to schedule appointments with the doctors in order for them to release the information to me! If anything, my case has become more severe and specialized, SERIOUSLY ~ all of this wasted time and money could be going towards surgery at TCI!

I am a very frustrated ~ thank God I will be going on vacation next week ~ I need a break from my life. I will continue to pray that all of these setbacks are all in God's timing and pray that my rate of decline slows so that I make it to the finish line still being able to walk under my own power.

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