Thursday, July 5, 2007

Days Like This Feel Like An Uphill Climb

My Brain Tail has been effecting my eye sight ~ most days, my vision is blurry and sometimes I see double. I just saw the eye doc last week and got a brand new prescription for my glasses. I have worn them now for two days ~ I am not convinced that they are better than the last pair. On the other hand, I can't blame everything on the new prescription, because I have had a bad case of vertigo for at least five days now.

Seriously, I can't stand still without falling over, forget walking in a straight line. I walk around like I am on a Spring Break drinking binge! My co-workers have even asked me if I am drunk, my response, "I'm just buzzed, my brain tail gets blamed for everything!" So ~ I guess I should give my new glasses the benefit of the doubt, maybe when the ground stops moving I'll give them my stamp of approval.

As I wait with great expectation for my appointment with the spinal surgeon on the 11th, I feel like my journey has been a slow, uphill battle. A blog friend of mine just got her decompression surgery scheduled for July13th! She shares similar struggles with the headaches and dizziness. but things have come together quickly for her. I have to remind myself that life is all about timing, God's, not mine.


Linda said...

Sorry to hear your not feeling well. It must be something in the air for all of us. :( I found myself wondering today why some find help quickly while others suffer for so long. I remembered it's not up to me and that in Gods time things will come together. I keep praying that God will heal each of you quickly.

E said...

I think you should start drinking at work. No one will know. I don't think vodka smells.

Puglet said...

psst..I've had almost no headaches since surgery..other than the obvious "they broke open my HEAD" kind. But I did have to get glasses after the fact.

It gets better. It does. And I can't believe I'm saying that. It DOES get better.