Friday, July 20, 2007

Isle of Wight

Have you ever awakened in the morning and as your brush away the haze of dreams from you face, you find a word or phrase forms on your lips. A stowaway from dreamland has risen to the surface and begs your attention. This happened to me this morning ~ ISLE OF WIGHT ~

Isle of What? Have never heard of it before and what relevance does it have to me at this moment in time? I am a firm believer of memories embedded in our DNA. Perhaps an ancestor of mine lived on the Isle of Wight, hundreds of years ago. It's definitely a possibility.

I did some research on this Isle of Wight ~ was it just made up in my mind or a real place. Turns out, it is a island just south of England. At one point in time ~ the island was connected to England. I did a visual search to to see if I recognized anything from the island and found this neat picture of St. Catherine's Lighthouse. Another point of interest is the Needles ~ The island was inhabited back in The Old Stone Age and has many archaeological sites that are rich in geological history.

Maybe I should add this of place that I want to visit and then maybe more will be revealed.

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E said...

Isle of What? No, Isle of Wight.

Couldn't resist. I'm so obnoxious.