Thursday, July 19, 2007

On Holiday

The roads were shrouded in fog this morning on my commute into work. Thunderstorms are imminent ~ the brain tail beats up on me when the barometric pressure is low. It's hard for this Texas transplant to believe that it's really July, because the temperature this morning was 64 degrees. In my mind, summertime = 100+ degrees ~ some things are hard to unlearn.

I can press on ~ I have lots of packing to do ~ we are headed out on our annual family pilgrimage to the seashore. There is something about the endless thundering motion of the surf that balances me out. Maybe it's the cycle of the low and high tides or the powerful crashing of the waves onto the shore that reminds me how small I really am ~ just a speck of sand on this home we call Earth.

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Linda said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful time on vacation. I understand what you are saying about the shore. I love sitting on the beach. Something about being there just evens me out and I just feel nothing but peace. Have a great time lady! :)