Sunday, March 30, 2008

Great Lengths

My eldest daughter Hannah has been growing her hair out with the goal of donating her hair. I think she has been growing it out for at least a year now and she is only up to about ten inches. Cheerleading is only 4 months away and she wants to have enough hair for a ponytail. If we waited until she had the required 12 inches for Locks of Love it might be September and the hair might be completely chlorine damaged from a summer spent in the pool!

This past weekend we found out about Pantene beautiful Lengths ~ they only require a minimum of an 8 inch pony tail so we decided to finally get her hair cut. (I will post a picture soon.) "Pantene Beautiful Lengths was created to bring people together to share their strength and donate their beautiful, healthy hair to create free wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment." It takes about 6 pony tails to make a complete wig.

Hannah says that new haircut is very fierce and stylish ~ we think she looks a bit like Katie Holmes! By donating her hair, she feels like she's made a difference in the world and she hopes to encourage her friends to donate their hair some time soon.


Sarah said...

Good for Hannah! I can't wait to see a pic.

Deborah said...

That is sooo great.....she feels good about herself and loves her she helped someone out that is going through some tough times. You go rock and are a beautiful girl -- in more ways than one.


Deborah said...

OMG....i LOVE her new hair cute!!! she looks a lot like you!!!

Anonymous said...

That a way to go Hannah. I will grieve your beautiful long hair but celebrate your giving act and supper result with you new modern "due". Love you so Hannah-wanna. Daddaddy

Tammy said...

I'm doing the same thing too - been growing it out for almost a year now! You go Hannah!! I love the new haircut...very cute!