Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The other day I was organizing some books in my bedroom and I re-discovered a journal entry that I had made after a breath work back in August of 2006. You can read more about what a breathwork is about in by clicking the underlined linked text ~ but basically it is a way of meditating deeply by taking in deep breaths which creates a dreamlike altered state. I have done several breathworks and each time I have breathed it has brought clarity and healing into my life. The last breathwork experience I had was full of profound messages that I stored away for another time. At the time I didn't know what the messages meant, but now, the messages bring illumination.

I won't go in great detail on my experience, but will share with you some of the profound messages I received. I am going to set up the scene ~ keep in mind that the breathwork is very dreamlike. My journey started out with me running across a desert somewhere in Africa. I was methodically running for a long time, across great distances all by myself. No fear ~ no pain ~ just a growing anticipation of where my journey would lead me.

Finally, I came to a circle of people holding hands ~ the circle opened and they let me inside. A pastor that I know who lives in Africa was there and he had a message for me. Words of wisdom followed ~ I was overwhelmed with tears as the words came to my ears ~


The messages went on and on. I cried out,
"I am so small and only one person! How can I possibly help all of these souls?"
The answer was clear,
"You are strong, help one person at a time and don't ever give up!"
Such a daunting task, but I was fully aware that, yes, this was my calling.

These messages came to me probably in the first 15 minutes of my breathwork and 2 hours later I remembered everything I had heard word for word. Keep in mind that about a month later I found out about my Chiari Malformation. I was on the edge of a journey that would radically change the course of my life journey ~ what a journey it has been and it's far from over.

I have been incredibly illuminated by the messages I received two years ago ~ new life has been breathed into me and once again my mission is clear. I feel a profound calling to help those in need ~ to shed light into the dark corners in this big, bad Chiari journey. Clearly I am just one person in a sea of millions, but I want to help make the road a little less daunting for others that will find themselves on this journey. Thanks so much to you blog lurkers who have commented and sent me e-mails ~ you have given me validation that what I write is encouraging and helpful. Those of you who lurk and haven't reached out to me, know that I am just an e-mail away.


KIMBERLY said...

You are amazing. I love to read your blogs. Keep steady and know that you are a blessing to us lurkers:)!

Dee Hall said...

That is such a powerful story! Im so glad that your are able to see through all the darkness of this disease and shed light on your new are an inspiration to all us Chiarians.. we are so blessed to have you in our well


lzwitty said...

It sounds like you really had a unique experience. Powerful stuff. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Your love is getting out there. If you doubt, just look at the latest count and view the hit map - wow, what coverage! Love you, Dad