Monday, March 3, 2008

Project Slimdown for Miss Kittenbritches

I found the LOLCats website last year and some of the pictures were priceless. The one on the left with the 'FAIL' caption had me laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face and my co-workers seriously thought about committing me to the crazy farm!

So, being the curious creature that I am, I wanted to see if I could replicate the picture with my cat ~ seems easy enough ~ unwrap some cheese and drop it on the head of an innocent four legged bystander. To my surprise, Miss Kittenbritches just stat there and posed just long enough for the 'PASS' photo shoot!

Now that you have seen that my cat is up for new and exciting things ~ we have strict marching orders from the vet to trim THREE pounds off of her in six months time. The conundrum here is that unless there is fresh food in her bowl at all times she sulks around the house meowing and making all kinds of noises. This is particularly annoying since I am home all day with her. Anyone out there have any suggestions on how to make this dieting thing more of a game and less of a long drawn out starvation march????
I am hoping that once the snow melts that she will remember how fun it is to chase butterflies and chatter with the crunchable birds. Of course, a kitty tread mill would solve all of our problems ~ I will keep you posted on her progress ~ 16 pounds ~ looking for that 13 pound trimmer version of herself. Goodness ~ I think she weighs more than my 10 month old nephew!


Sarah said...

I think Will beats her by one or two pounds! Sweet Belle.

Queli said...

Miss Kittenbritches did an awesome photo shoot. I think she is a natural born model.
Of course, she does have the look on her face as if to say "Come on mom, cheese? You know I am on a diet"