Friday, March 21, 2008

Proper Introductions ~ Captain

As promised, here are some pics of Captain Kirk ~ he looks so sweet and innocent when he's sleeping. When he's awake he tears around the house like a freakazoid! Last night John and I were roasting marshmallows in the fireplace for smores and Captain decided to swat at the flaming marshmallows and got it all over his paws and whiskers! I will have to get some action shots of Captain and Belle playing chase and wrestling ~ they are best of friends now.

Today we are all home ~ planning on dying Easter eggs later today. A word to the wise, don't use a ginormous lobstah pot to boil eggs. The water has been on the stove for about 45 minutes now and it's still not boiling!


Deborah said...

I thought you said you got a new kitten....Captain looks more like a full grown cat...not a kitten....

Have fun with that coloring of Easter Eggs....I won't be doing any this time and not really into it anymore....the eggs anyways.

Talk you soon....have a GREAT Easter Sunday!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like our Connie, but with a hairy tail. What a rascal! Dad