Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shadow and Light ~ Side By Side

The last couple of days have really been challenging for my brain to figure out where I am. According to the calendar, I was scheduled for my brain decompression yesterday and yet I wasn't there, I was home. I am thankful for answered prayers ~ for evading brain surgery for now, but still feel like I am waiting for that second shoe to fall. The facts are that I still have my brain tail and I just have to be aware of my symptoms.

For the most part, I am pretty symptom free, but this week I have had an occasional Chiari headache ~ not unbearable ones ~ but back of the head headaches. This past week I was probably the most active I have been since my detethering. I walked at least 4 times this week for an hour at a time and have been working out on pully machines at the gym to gain strength in my back.

On my walk on Thursday morning, the sun was shining brightly. As I was walking, with my back towards the sun, I noticed my shadow ahead of me. She was keeping time with my pace, but always ahead of me. Reminded me that shadows are evidence of sun. When I turned around to walk back towards the car my face was illuminated by sun rays ~ no more shadows ~ amazing how the sun can be just an one-hundred-eighty degree turn away!


Caroline said...

Lace, I'm so thrilled to hear how well you are doing and that you are almost symptoms free! God truly does work miracles, doesn't he?

I have managed to get out into nature and fresh air a few times in the last week and it is so good for the soul and the body. Makes you smile on the inside :)



Anonymous said...

Just wondering. Maybe you are doing your usual Lacie and pushing the envelope a bit. Stay to the recovery plan and keep it moderate. Your description of your activit sounds like a "person" who hasn't just had some pretty invasive surgery. Just being a worry wort Dad. Love you squirt! Dad

E said...

"Shadows are evidence of sun."


Sherri said...

Hi Lace,

Thinking of you!!
Love, Sherri