Thursday, March 6, 2008

Psssst...I've Hijacked the blog again

Shhhhhhhh. It's Erica again. Lacie doesn't know I'm here so don't tell her.

March 6, 2008. Lacie was supposed to have her invasive surgical traction today. I am just so thrilled that she isn't under the knife right now I had to say it. :) And even if my little friend has survivor guilt, I'm pretty effin' glad she survived to be my friend and to be the inspiration she has been to so many.

Let her know.


Deborah said...

I'm pretty glad she is a survivor too...can't wait for her to come back to work!!!! Thank the good lord for her not having to have the second surgery (at least not yet anyways)!!! w00t w00t


Anonymous said...


Thinking of you!
Take care, Sherri

Caroline said...

Hi Lace,

I'm so happy your home instead of in the OR with tongs in your head! I'm sure you are too.

So glad that you came thru your surgery so well and are seeing so many improvements. You deserve it! thanks for being such a wonderful, strong a caring person.



Katie said...

I'm sure glad you survived. And I'm so happy everything went to successfully for you!