Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Number of Breaths

The calendar reads ~ April 1, 2008 ~ clearly mother nature is trying to fool me into thinking that springtime has officially arrived. The weather forecast today in the paper read ~ high of 63 degrees ~ so I gleefully put on some shorts and a short sleeve shirt, tied my sneakers, and threw on an anorak just for good measure. I headed down to the trail by the river and set out on a long walk.

The air was thick with humidity, there was a stiff breeze blowing off the river, my legs felt strong and my gait was quick. So this is what it feels like to feel 'alive'! It's been so long since I have felt this way ~ I finally feel like I am coming back to life. Chiari had really pulled me down to the deep dark pit and I didn't think I would ever be returning to the land of the living. But ~ here I am ~ living, breathing, pain free except for an occasional low pressure headache. Time heals all wounds ~ I am living proof. So for today ~ I am incredibly encouraged and hopeful.

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Anonymous said...

Lacie --
What an awesome report to hear! So glad you are feeling better.