Thursday, January 10, 2008

Turn On Your Heart Light

I had my pre-surgical echocardiogram echocardiogram today to make sure that my heart can withstand the stress of two surgeries back to back. Today was not the best day for my heart to show up for an exam. Periodically I will have a day where it's hard to breathe ~ imagine breathing out of a straw. I will have chest pains, short, shallow breaths ~ these are the side effects from brain stem compression. I can't predict when I will have these symptoms, they just show up randomly.

So imagine my delight when I started experiencing these symptoms today ~ knowing that my heart was going to be scrutinized. The ultra sound tech could tell that I was struggling to breathe ~ I just hope that the echocardiogram is a 'pass-fail' test. Turn on your heart light ~


Queli said...

Prayin for a healthy heart! You've come too far to turn back now.

E said...

"Is there anyone out there, 'cause it's gettin' harder and harder to breathe." - Maroon 5

Jenn Ann said...

I hope that your heart passed the test and that all is going according to schedule. In just a few more weeks you should be breathing easier!