Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sam I am

My First Grader has recently been reading like crazy ~ she reads everything ~ making sense out of letters has opened up a whole new world to her! Just the other day, she surprised my husband by gleefully reading 'Green Eggs and Ham' all by herself! Anyone who has ventured into the nutty world of Dr. Seuss knows that mastering his books is a huge accomplishment for the emergent reader.

So last night, as bedtime rituals came to story time, I requested that she read Green Eggs and Ham to me. Let me preface this with the fact that yesterday was New Years Day ~ the day after staying up super late ~ we were all tired ~ and you as well as I know that when we are tired our brains just don't work very well. Anyway, she started to enthusiastically read the first page of the story...

That Sam I Am, that Sam I Am, I do not like that Sam I Am.
Just two seconds later my darling daughter was shedding tears of frustration ~ and me and my brain tail were empathetic. She was all upset ~ she didn't understand why the guy who was talking did not like himself!!! I'll admit ~ the book is confusing ~ the story is about the guy on the cover ~ the very first page of the book has Sam I Am holding a sign 'Sam I Am' and that's your only introduction to the annoying character.

So ~ when the tears died down a wee bit I tried to explain who 'Sam I Am' was and that he was different from the main character. But ~ SERIOUSLY ~ what is the name of the main character?? Does anyone know? I will try, again, tonight to explain the story ~ and hopefully this time sans tears. If a long explanation is needed I just don't know if my brain tail can explain it!


lzwitty said...

It's been a long time since I've read that one but I understand your daughter's frustration! A technique I learned to help with reading comprehension and understanding is called "What are you thinking?" For students, I mark/specify certain points in the text where they have to stop reading and write down exactly what they're thinking at that point, whether it's a question, a prediction, a memory that they recall based on the reading, etc. The technique helps readers to make connections with the material they are reading. You could have your daughter pause as she's reading aloud and have her tell you what she's thinking at certain points. It sounds simple but it really does help people to get a lot more out of what they're reading, especially if the material is difficult for them.

Keeping you in my prayers!

Deborah said...

I have no clue what the main characters name is - even though I have read the book at least a million times....for the life of me I cannot remember. It is sooo good that she is starting to read on her own. It is such a huge accomplishment and she should be very proud of herself....just as I am sure that you and your hubby are proud of her. It sure is amazing how kids interpret things...things that we take for granted and just don't even think about.

Sarah said...

Tell little Sky the main character doesn't have a name. Perhaps she could come up with a good name for him?

Zipperhead said...

I have a 1st grader as well and it's amazing to watch as things click in their little minds (I have a Kinder kid too)! :)