Wednesday, January 23, 2008

B.C. ~ Before Chiari ~

Yesterday I was reading a blog update from another Chiarian and they referred to their life before chiari as "B.C." ~ so I guess that makes my life after decompression as "A.D"! Because truth be known, I was born with my brain tail ~ it's been there all along it just took me almost 36 years to discover the troublemaker.

I was trying to remember the most recent time I felt at peace with myself ~ when I was sure that my smile was not lost in the depths of my soul. Cape Cod ~ Summer of 2005 ~ It was our first of many annual summer vacations ~ I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the ocean on the East Coast. I distinctly remember the next year when we returned ~ I had a headache that was present the whole time we were there ~ something was just not right ~ I would discover my Chiari only a month later.

I know in my heart that "A.D." I will be back on the road to finding my smile again ~ finding peace and wholeness within myself ~ strength ~ renewed hope ~ a zest for life. You see ~ right now I am just holding on ~ taking one step at a time ~ or the enormity of what is just around the corner will consume me.

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Anonymous said...

I love those pictures and also remember that trip so fondly!! Thinking of you often and praying for you! AOE - Amanda