Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Mother Ship Is Calling

Feeling much like the mother ship is calling me and I am resisting ~ vertigo has taken a hold of me this week and it won't loosen it's grip! If I didn't know for sure what was causing me to feel this way I would think that I was loosing my grip on reality!

I feel dizzy ~ lightheaded ~ it feels as if I am literally floating above my body! The fun thing about it is that the only thing I can do is slog through until it subsides.


Queli said...

Sorry :( Mine has been bad today also. But I am not complaining since I know how much worse it could be for me at this point.
Sometimes that motion sickness med actually helps. I want to say it starts with an M....but I can't remember what it is. The expensive version is Bonine.
Anyhow, I pray it lessens soon for you.

Sharon said...

Thanks for all your wisdom.
Bobby (Billy Bob's home base) says the medicine Queli is trying to remember is Meclizine.
I often have vertigo, but like so many things never connected it to the Chiari. Is it ever worse when you close your eyes or with the changing weather? I too will say a prayer. None of us can have too many.

Zipperhead said...

I hope this week is a good one.

I love that second pic btw!

:) Zipperhead/Keesha