Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Picketing and Protesting

One of my dear friends, E, blogged about me yesterday ~ Her ferocious attitude toward the bottom dwellers has given me strength to keep up the fight. She has supported me every step of the way ~ Should the need arise to take action ~ she will be there in a heartbeat! We started entertaining this dialog as our plan of attack unfolds:

Me: your blog was perfect ~ and just wait ~ I might just have you write a letter for me or better yet ~ we could protest and throw eggs outside of the scum-sucking-bottom-dweller's headquarters ~ we will wear sunglasses of course so no one will recognize me!

E: you'll be stumbling around like you are drunk, they'll have you arrested for public intoxication! yeah, sunglasses are going to hide you

Me: LOL! That's why you are there ~ my wing woman ~ I can't look drunk without a partner in crime!

E: silly ~LOL ~ tell you what, I'll get drunk so we can be the same

We will certainly look much cooler than the prohibition picketers of the early 1900's! But seriously, something has to happen just to get them to realize that this is an urgent matter. I have sent word to the local newspaper in hopes that someone will want to write about my story ~ I want to raise Chiari awareness so that others won't have to put up with the antics of jumping through fire hoops and walking on water just to get out-of-network surgery! Door to door to the Chiari Institute it's 171 miles from my house...to be continued...

Is it just me ~ or does anyone else hear in the background ~ "Why is all the rum gone? "

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lzwitty said...


I think it's great you sent word to your local paper! Hopefully, it'll peak someone's interest and you'll get a story out of it. You might also try a local tv station, too. Do whatever you can think of to get word out; not only will it help inform people about Chiari, it may also help with your insurance issues, too. Best of luck with it; you're in my thoughts and prayers.