Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Baby Brain

My blog buddy Queli has finally had her surgery at TCI this week and she has begun the long road to recovery. My prayers go out to her ~ she has finally found resolution in having the surgery. Prayers have been answered ~ all it took was a ginormous leap of faith! Like others who have gone on ahead of me on this winding Chiari road ~ she is an inspiration to me and she continues to cheer me on in my journey.

Now it's time that she baby her noggin and get a month or two of some good old fashion rest and relaxation. Attawaytogo Queli ~


BillyBob said...

Have you heard from her, yet, Lace? I hope all is well...

Queli said...

LOL! Thanks Lace.
I am trying to relax and baby this baby.....but recovery is going so well I don't want to sit still.
Promise me you will not go any place else than TCI. There is no reason to.
It was so nice to be in the hospital and not define Chiari to the nurses.
Thanks for the prayers. Obviously they worked.