Friday, September 14, 2007

Wisdom From A Turtle

I went on a walk/run yesterday after work ~ the air was crisp, the sun was shining, a hint of fall was in the air. I had been super dizzy and off-balance all day and expected that going on a walk would prove to be challenging. As I began my trek I noticed that my legs felt like bags of concrete, it felt like I was wading through quicksand! Getting through my workout was going to take a while.

As I was stumbling along the trail, I noticed something up ahead that looked out of place ~ right in the middle of the path. It looked like a rock, but as I got closer, I saw that the rock had a head, arms, legs and a tiny tail. I stopped and crouched down to inspect the baby turtle ~ he was cute and wasn't moving a muscle. I patted the little guy on the top of his shell and bid him Godspeed on his journey. I said a little prayer for him that he was able to safely cross the path before a cyclist came zipping down the trail. I had high hopes that I might see him again on my return trip, but he was gone.

The Native Americans believe that the turtle represents nurturing, mother energy, survival, longevity, protection, healing, patient persistence, the keeper of doors, the art of grounding and knowledge. Turtles encourage us to go with the flow ~ they teach us to enjoy the journey we are on without rushing the pace. They teach us to take things slow and be patient in attaining our goals. Turtles show us new perceptions about time and our relationship with it.

Once again ~ message received and yet such a hard message to digest! This week has crawled along at a painful pace. Waiting for a phone call from my PCP referral's office so that I know when the appointment with my newest surgeon will be. I have called them 2 times this week already and am considering calling them again today to see what's taking them so long. Ergo ~ the message of the turtle ~ go with the flow ~ see the forest. Now if I could just get a giraffe to cross my path I would be a happy camper. Symbolism wise, giraffes are all about attaining the unreachable.


Zipperhead said...

I love this post about the turtle. Thank you for sharing it.

From one Chiarian to another (and a Native),


E said...

So I'm a big, slow, lumbering turtle. Nice.