Thursday, September 13, 2007

Searching for a Spoon in a Box Full of Forks!

I keep a full set of utensils in my desk at work ~ you never know when a spoon, fork or knife might come in handy. BTW ~ my co-workers are still a little scared that I have a steak knife in my desk, because of the rumor that I doubled as a covert knife thrower when I lived in Texas. But that is a totally different story!

So ~ yesterday, I accidentally took my lone spoon home along with the dirty plastic wear from lunch. I fully intended to bring a replacement spoon back to work with me this morning but seeming that my memory is totally shot due to the rude brain tail invasion ~ I forgot. Ergo the conundrum I was presented with this morning.

I've recently changed my work hours and now get into work an hour and a half earlier. I've started bringing my breakfast with me to work ~ so this morning I brought cereal and milk ~ novel idea ~ right? You see ~ my point to this post is coming into focus. As soon as I realize I am spoonless, I start rummaging around the office in search of one. I find a box of plastic forks in the storage closet ~ could there possibly be a spoon hidden in with the forks? No such luck. I also saw a box of plastic knives (they don't work so well with the sport of knife throwing) ~ no box of spoons. The irony and symbolism of the situation make me laugh out loud! Eating cereal with milk does not work very well with a fork standing in for a spoon ~ the milk essence just falls through the tines. I was already planning to go ahead and use the fork for my breakfast ~ I am a Libra ~ I adapt easily ~ so I will just drink the milk after the cereal is gone ~ no problem.

Then as a last ditch effort ~ I asked a co-worker if he knew of any spoons in the office. He quickly jumped out of his chair and headed over to the supply closet. I am thinking, dummy ~ I've already scoured the closet and there isn't a box of spoons in there! I hold my tongue and watch the scene unfold. He picks up the box of knives and I peer inside ~ holy heat ~ there in the midst of the knives there are three spoons!

If you have read my blogs and actually comprehended any of my ramblings you know that I like symbolism ~ parables ~ they speak to me and shed light in the dark places of my life. So finding a spoon (see Spoon Theory) in a box of knives ~ huge breakthrough for me! Expect the unexpected ~ everything is not always as it seems ~ message received.

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E said...

Isn't it ironic? Don't you think? A little too, ironic.

Yeah, I really do think.