Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wrapping Up Day 2

It's 9:30 p.m. and Lacie is tucked away sleeping next to me in the NSCU. Looks like the staff here has a pretty loose protocol on the visiting hours so I am planning on staying the night. There is a chair in the room that reclines, so it shouldn't be too bad and I hope to maybe get some shuteye myself.

All in all it was a pretty good day for Lacie. She was up out of bed twice and sitting up in the chair (now my chair!) for an hour or so each time. Also lots of neck stretching and massaging throughout the day. She's still not eating much but hope that picks up tomorrow. Nausea has not returned, so that is good. She's very tired as she apparently did not get much sleep last night in the noisy one-room PACU, so I expect her to sleep long and hard tonight.

Not much else to report. I did want to share an odd tidbit with you. I'm sure most of you have seen "When Harry Met Sally," which takes place in the NYC area. There is a scene where Harry is talking to Sally in bed and he mentions a certain cookie. Remember? Mallomars. As a pseudo-Texan, I had never heard of it. I even looked around for them in several upstate grocery stores some years ago and still seem to look for them in passing as the thought of the movie always makes me grin. Well, last night I was in a Long Island grocery store and lo and behold, there they were. And not just a few boxes, mind you, but an entire pyramid-style end cap display full of them! I couldn't help but chuckle a little. They are made by Nabisco, so I don't know why they are not more widely available. But according to Wikipedia, they are sold only in the colder months and likely in more northern regions for reasons so that they do not melt. For those of you who don't know, they are kind of a snobby version of a smore ~ graham cracker bottom, big dollop of marshmallow on top, and the entire thing is dipped in a chocolate shell. Sounds pretty good, huh? 

Good night, and enjoy your milk and cookies.


Bcorrigan78 said...

Hey John - Please wish Lacie our best, you guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

Brian and Maureen Corrigan

Anonymous said...

Hey John, we have been reading these daily. Thanks and we are thinking of you guys. We are so happy and amazed. Isn't medical technology these days great. Brain surgery on day 1, sit up, do a bit of walking on day 2. Simply amazing. Hang in there and let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys at all. We will keep our eyes out for the updates. Keep em coming!
-Mark & Amanda

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Lacie is doing well. As to the Mallomars, I am certainly addicted to them and they have arrived later this season. The way I eat them is to eat the marshallow top first, then set aside the remaining cookie and eat them separately. I am not sure why I eat them this way, but I do and when Lacie feels more up to it, she might try this technique... hope all works out. - Jim Barton MGAM (New guy started in May 2008 on late shift).

Anonymous said...

Hi John, Lacie and Sandy,

John thank you for such articulate's helpes us so much to be a part of Lacie's journey. I'm praying for her, like so many others, and it's a blessing to see she is doing well. Prayers are going up that this will resolve her issues and that the fusion won't be necessary. Please tell Lacie that Virginia sends her love, and I'll look forward to more updates.

God bless you all
Virginia (By His Grace)

E said...

Ahhhh, Mallomars. Like Scooter Pies, Moon Pies and the Korean "Choco-Pie" from my favorite K-drama of all time, "Thank You". Seriously, the best series ever:

You knew I'd have to make this about Korean Drama, right? It aaaallll ties in. If I could find an XFiles connection, I'd make it.

:) Glad she's doing better. Please give her my love.