Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A visit to the PACU

FINALLY, at 5:30, they called us to the desk for a brief visit to see Lacie in recovery in the PACU. 10 hours after she went in for surgery. She looks great. She was asleep when we arrived but quietly talkative in a few moments and in good spirits, all considered. Compared to her last surgery, she really does look great. Last time she had a terrible allergic reaction to the tape they put on her face and that combined with her laying face down for the surgery, she was quite puffy for a couple days. But this time she is showing only a minimal amount of swelling so they must have done something different. She will be very happy about that come tomorrow. She can then spend more time fussing about her hair instead!

We will get one more visit tonight between 7:30-8, which is general visiting hours for the PACU. She will be staying there overnight (with no visitation allowed) and tomorrow morning she will be moved to a "step-down" room for the next two days which is a private room where she'll have more care than in the regular part of the hospital and we will get to see her as much as we want.

I'll give another update later this evening after the next visit.


Dee Hall said...

Hello John...
Tell Lacie that she is being carried through this right now. She has been in my thoughts since we spoke yesterday. I prayed for her and your family to get through this with no unexpected surprises and find strength in numbers. Lacie is a caring, compasionate, encouraging woman..she has many people that care for her. Please tell her I send my best... I hope Dr Remey kept his word & gave her the Darla comb over!! If you need anything at all..please call. She is officially a member of the zipperheads...

Be Well

Sara said...

I am so relieved to hear she is doing as well as she is. She's one tough little cookie!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad Lacie is recovering !
I send my thoughts and love to her

Anonymous said...

I'm here, baby, and watching and listening to all activity. I so look forward to hearing your voice and description of what's happening inside that wonderful head of yours. I love you and will talk to you soon.

Love, Dad