Friday, December 12, 2008

Then, There Was Before Me An Open Door

Hi, my name is Lacie and I am no longer an addict. It's day two of no morphine and even though I still have a wee bit of the shakes my head feels so much more clear. I have been taking Advil for the pain as needed and it seems to be working. It's only been 9 days since my brain lift and I am already bored to tears ~ seriously!

We had a wicked ice storm last night and I was awoken from sleep every hour with the crashing sound of falling limbs. Thank goodness we didn't lose our power. The sleet has changed over to snow this morning and I have to say it's beginning to work on my non-existent Christmas spirit already. I apologize in advance for a scattered blog, but the brain isn't firing on all cylinders just yet. So, apparently I blogged at least once while I was in the hospital. I remember writing, but have no idea what I said. The funny thing was the pulse-ox meter that was on my finger was beeping like crazy the whole time I was tying, because I was supposed to be still. I am still trying to unwind all the thoughts in my brain about all the experiences I went through over the past 2 weeks.

One feeling that was predominant through everything was a sense of peace and calm ~ completely. Prayers were definitely heard and answered. I knew I was being cared by the best of the best chiari docs and had no fear. Even on the worst days I knew that if I just kept breathing I would certainly get through it all. ~sigh ~ So, I can't officially wash my hair until 2 weeks post-op ~ next Wednesday, 12/17 ~ last night John and Mom managed to throw some plastic bags over my incision and were able to wash what hair i have left. The pony tail hair doo is beginning to get very fashionable around here. OK ~ need to lay down for a while ~ more later ~ thanks so much for all the comments and messages. Who knew I had such a big fan club. Love you all ~ send me some ideas to quench this boredom, please ~


The Gyrovague said...

I told ya... about a week post surgery you would get off those meds and go... wow, this is what life is as a post chiarian?

You sound fabulous!

As for the boredom, scrabble kept me going. Reading for to long still was not quite an option (bouncy eyes) but was a good distraction. And hey, you can always watch your DVD of the Scully and the gang (I would assume you have some)

Hang in there, God is good and before you know it you will bound out of your house saying hello world its me and I am here to play! said...

Hi Lace!

I do remember the boredom. It's hard to be forced to stay in. Try to take advantage of the rest while you can. Before you know it, things will be back to "normal" and you will be expected to keep up your hectic schedule. After my surgery, I remember thinking that I couldn't wait to get off the couch and get out of the house. Now, I wish I could have an hour to myself to sit on that couch!!! ;)

Hang in there!!!



RiverPoet said...

Lacie - I'm so happy to hear that you are bored!!! That is much better than some of the alternatives I can think of.

I'll be going up to TCI at the end of January for an evaluation, and given how I've been feeling, I really hope they say they can do something for me as they have for you.

As for your boredom, do you know how to knit? I have recently taken that up, and I find that it is very therapeutic when I'm dealing with pain or boredom. In fact, I've already made myself a nice warm scarf, and I'm making one to give to my sister, too.

Other than that, maybe Sudoku or simple crossword puzzles would both keep the boredom at bay and jog those brain cells to start rewiring themselves.

I wish you continued improvement and good health.

Peace - D

By His Grace said...

Hi Lace, I'm so glad you are home and safe and sound before the ice storm! Glad to hear you have done well, but please make yourself take it easy and slow, you've just been through a lot! How wonderful to hear how calm and confident you felt in the hospital. If I ever get back there for my fusion, that is how I hope to feel (I did pretty good for the TC surgery there)...but that is a big IF right now...

been praying for you and thinking of you often.

Dana said...

Hi Lacie- So Glad to hear that you are recovering with winter wonderland and red cardinals looking after you. We've been sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers from Atlanta. Love, Dana and Lyndon

Dana Tottenham