Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Checking Out and Heading Home

Sorry for the lack of updates. The last day and a half has been very busy and without wireless access.

Monday morning we were hoping to get discharged from the hospital so Lacie could make her PT appointment on Long Island at 11 a.m., but things did not go quite as expected. Lace woke up feeling dizzy and sluggish and we weren’t sure at first if she was even going to get discharged. Dr. Stasi came by around 9:30 and looked her over. His thoughts were that this was a case of perhaps overdoing it a bit the day before combined with her also going off her steroid medication the day before. We hoped he was right. The hospital PT specialist also met with her and was very pleased with Lacie’s progress.

So, after a few delays, we were discharged a few minutes before 11 and we hustled over to the PT appointment. This took longer than expected as the directions were terrible and a 15-minute drive took almost an hour. By the time we arrived, Lacie was feeling quite nauseous from the drive and needed a rest. The doctor was quite gracious, helping her to lie down in a private room and talked to us about the therapy procedures while she rested. He took her blood pressure and it had dropped to around 60 so she needed some serious time to rest and get her blood pressure up while we waited.

We returned to Variety House for the afternoon and evening and she took a nap and slowly improved enough to eat a little dinner and watch a movie before an early bedtime.

Today she is doing much better. We are departing the Variety House around noon to return to Albany today. Please pray for a safe trip and for Lacie to feel well while we are travelling.


Debbie said...

I can't believe that you have done so well Lacie....you definitely have a lot of determination to get back on track....just take it easy a little bit.....make sure you are well before pushing yourself too hard.

Have a safe trip home and hopefully it will go really well...with no sicknesses or problems.

Anonymous said...

I have had you in my thoughts and prayers. As you know I had the decompression surgery on June 27 and the tethered cord surgery on July 30 at North Shore with Dr. M and Dr. B. I have recovered well - no headaches or nausea - and I am back to work full time as of October. As far as my hair it is growing very fast. At the time of the surgery my hair was long and their was just enough left on the crown to cover the incision. I said it was only hair, it would grow back, I didn't need it but I had my days. When I needed additional hair I used snap in extensions from Sallys Beauty Supply. They matched great and they would attach to the hair that I had left. Just thought I would share the information in case you have one of those days. Wishing you a speedy recovery

Rhonda Hall