Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's Your Status?

So how long can I use the 'brain surgery' excuse for not blogging nearly enough? I am way overdue for a status update, right? Well, for starters, the Wii has officially kidnapped my children. They love the Wii Fit games and spend pretty much all waking hours learning new skills. We have all had fun playing the games, although, as you can imagine, I am banned from playing most of them for a great fear of disturbing the healing zipperhead!

Physically, I feel like my strength is returning with the passing of each day. Any pain in my head/neck can be taken care of with some Advil and/or a muscle relaxant if I am having a really tough day. But seriously, I just had brain surgery, shouldn't I be in excruciating pain? Nope ~ can't explain it other than prayers have been answered and I have a wicked high tolerance to pain ~ what a blessing! I am hoping to start driving this week, even if it's a trip around the block. I know that mentally I am coming around because I have started compiling lists of things I want and need to do already.

Many people have asked me if I can tell if my symptoms from Chiari are gone now and my answers are still a little on the vague side. It's hard to tell, but I can say that the vertigo seems to be gone and the crushing Chiari headaches. My short term memory seems to be returning, too. I think I am still existing in the decompression honeymoon phase. How do you go back to 'normal' after brain surgery? What is normal anyway? My main goal going into brain surgery was to survive ~ keep breathing ~ choose life. So, since I seem to have accomplished the basics, now what?


RiverPoet said...

Lacie - I'm so happy to hear that your normal function is returning. What must life be like without the dizziness and excruciating headaches? Just last night, I was lying in bed reading when I was struck with intense pressure in the back of my head, followed by nausea, followed by tears. It took Icy Hot, massage, sitting up, nibbling some dry toast, and waiting it out to get me to where I could lie down and sleep.

I suspect surgery is in my future, but you have been so open and honest about yours that I am no longer afraid. Thank you!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas - Peace - D

Debbie Loomis-Earles said...

Hi Lacie,

So happy to be reading your very possitive posts. You are a true inspiration to all of us. Your strong faith and just possitive out look is inspiring!! I'm sorry I was not able to visit you in the hospital when i said I would but I've been reading your blogs daily.

I'm glad your head pain is getting under control. My son is on Diamox to slow down the production of is CSF and he still has pain from nerve damage from his TC. I had a seisure two weeks ago and was in the hospital for a couple of days. They discovered I have cavernous Malformation so i go back for a more enhanced MRI today to look for some more things so we just have to keep moving forward and take things one day at a time. I'll keep sending prayers and possitive vibes your way. Have a great new Year!!

Chiari friends,


E said...

Brain surgery - yeah, you get a pass for life.

Dee Hall said...

Hi Lacie.. It seems we are playing phone So I figured I could get an ineternet update on here. I so glad you are seeing a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel! and it is 1 ray!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas..if I dont talk to you before next year.. Happy "NEW" Year!!!

May the new year bring restored hope, more pain free days & new beginnings for a new life!!

be well

Cindy said...

Hi Lacie,

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I thought that I had read your blog before but clicked to look at it again and I don't remember ever seeing it before! I am so sorry! But then again, there are many things that I don't remember prior to my last surgery. I am thankful that through you following my blog I was able to find others that suffer with chiari. I also really like all of the links on your blog!

It looks like you are doing incredibly well after your chiari surgery! Wow! Congratulations! I am amazed! That is such a blessing! I agree with you that without faith that God is in control and provides us much grace that this journey would be impossible.

I will pray for continued healing for you and that you will soon be able to resume your life as it was before chiari.

Blessings to you!